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The front of your home is the first thing someone sees, so why not lend it the attention it deserves this New Year? A front door canopy is a great addition to any home, giving it that completed feel whilst adding charm and character. Don't leave your home unprotected this winter!

Tired looking entryway? Don't worry, we've got you (and your doorway) covered. Our unique door canopies are just what you need to protect your entryway from the elements.

Stress-free home improvement in no time at all!

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Easy-to-install, low maintenance prefab door canopies delivered to you

- A lovely example of the Althorp (with black roof tiles)

Made in the UK from highly UV resistant polymers that, unlike GRP, won’t fade or crack. Our over door awnings are quick self-assembly units that are easily put together by any DIY enthusiast.

Our porch canopies provide long term protection from the rain/snow and sun, adding a stylish and elegant finish to any door whilst giving all year-round protection.